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What is a brand?

If you ask most people, what does brand mean, they will likely tell you things like, “It’s, um... a company?.” “The logo?” “It’s advertising?.” “It’s how it looks!.” Or they think branding is just something that only huge corporations do. Wrong. Wait. Let me correct myself. VERY wrong. These are all common misconceptions about what a brand truly is.

A brand is everything. A brand is an identity. A brand is the lasting impact that comes from the experience people have while interacting with a company or product. Everything they see, hear, and most importantly, everything they feel.

What should we learn from my brand-aware small human? A brand is much more than a logo or business name. It creates an emotional connection to your audience. My daughter knows that “bullseye” means Target. She knows what kinds of products they have at Target. She knows that she could be getting something yummy to eat. She knows she could be getting a toy. She knows it might just be cleaning supplies for me, but the point is she knows.

Your brand identity is what sets your business or service apart from the rest. It creates trust, which in and of itself breeds loyalty. How someone perceives your product or service after experiencing it is what creates your brand's identity. As I’m writing this blog, my editor told me to take a picture of my daughter with a Target bag so that I’d have some imagery to include. So I did. I made her come into the kitchen in her cute little pj’s and said, “Hold this bag and smile for mommy.” What I got on video after I took the picture was ALL her. See for yourself.

THAT is an emotional connection. That was me trying to stage a picture for my content, and that’s what actually came out of her tiny body. Pure joy and genuine excitement.

That is what you want. You want to create a lasting impact. You want to be easily recognized and comprehended. You want to establish that emotional connection and promote customer loyalty. That is what a good brand does.

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