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What should you consider when building your brand?

Who, what, where, how, and why. Maybe not in that order and maybe it sounds cheesey because it's so cliche. But that's the answer.

Who do you want to attract and why?

Identify your audience

This is the first step in building your brand. Understanding who you want to attract. Who do you ideally want to appeal to or do business with? To make the most of your branding efforts, knowing your target audience is key.

This doesn't mean you say “I want to attract people that spend money.” That's not enough. You want to truly think about the type people who need what you have. You want to think about who you want representing your products or using your services. Your ideal customer. For example, does it make sense for you to attract millennial, stay-at-home moms or dads? Maybe its fitness gurus. Or is your business geared toward the working person on the go? You have to really drill down into specifics when it comes to who you are looking to reach. As much as we'd like it to be, the answer will never be, "Everyone, everywhere."

What will your audience be attracted to and understand?

Create a simple, clear, and direct message.

Simple, clear, and direct. Yes, I said it twice. Because it's that important. I'm going to say it again. SIMPLE, CLEAR, and DIRECT.

Overthinking is a problem for most of us. Let’s be honest, I have written this blog three times because it wasn't “Ginger” enough. (That is what my editor said anyway.) But she's was right. I know that my largest demographic is small business owners that are, for the most part, borderline clueless when it comes to marketing. No offense. So knowing that, I know I need to write simply, in a way that non-marketing people will understand and will be able to gain a clear understanding of who I am, what we we do here, and most importantly, what I can do for them.

Create a message so that it is simple, clear, aligns with your style, and conveys that you have what your audience needs.

How do you want to relay your message?

Find your personal style.

What makes you or your business different? I know that my style is to be honest, to the point, and sometimes a little fiery. This is because I'm passionate about what I do and my clients matter to me on an emotional level. Honestly, people don’t care about your products or services until you make them care. People care about what they can connect to, so give it to them, whether it be your company story, your personal story, or a combonation of the two. The content should speak to the right people at the right time in a personal way.

Where will you be most successful at reaching your target audience?

Build your platform.

This might sound simple. You’re probably thinking “social media," or "a website,” right about now. That might be part of it, but that is not exactly what I'm talking about.

Building your platform means that you take your brand ideas and decide exactly how your who, what, where, and why will unfold. It might seem like a great idea to build an amazing facebook page and you think to yourself that you need to have a great facebook page because all businesses need a facebook page. But if that's not where your audience "lives" then maybe it's not imparitive that you concentrate efforts on that platform. You may realize that YouTube is really where your brand can really be itself and reach the right people.

And as times change and more platforms are being developed, almost daily it seems sometimes, the answer to what platform is best for you will change. Revisit, reevaluate, and test often!

Your brand is built on consistency. It's not just a message it's an action and it speaks to your audience with everything you do. It's the communication of your values. It's the colors you use. It’s the images you create. It's everything that connects people to your brand.

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